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We tell everyone we know that the Roadies saved their lives.. Thank you again. Every time I hug my BC boys I thank your company for giving me the opportunity to do so!

Symantha Miller

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The Roadie Girl

All your favorite Ruff Rider Roadie dog auto safety harnesses are available in awesome Roadie Girl styles!

The most valued asset that a heart patient can have is their life saving dog. This is trusted protection.

Sy Elliott, CEO, Heart Therapy Service Dogs

I will NEVER again crate a dog in the back of a truck even with a topper on it. PLEASE KEEP YOUR DOGS IN SEATBELT HARNESSES. I especially appreciate it because you guys understand how attached I am to my dogs. They mean almost as much to me as my children. They are my children.

Terri Cook

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Born in Colorado

In 1996, with an inspiration to make vehicles a safer place for dogs and the people riding with them, Carl Goldberg consulted a veterinary orthopedic surgeon.

The Roadie dog safety harness is the excellent result.

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