The RUFF RIDER Roadie...

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The RUFF RIDER Roadie...

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Ability Dogs Canada and Ruff Rider Technology have joined forces to offer Canadians the Safest Seatbelt Harness ever made!

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It's a's perfect!

Mr. Goldberg,

I want to take a moment to send you a thank you for all your help.  You were correct in suggesting that I go to a Roadie MD3.5 for Katie.  It fits just perfectly and, believe it or not, she likes to wear it!

We had just had an unfortunate experience with the Kurgo Smart Fit harness (which was crash rated) as it started (after 4 months) coming loose while she rode in the car.  We drive back and forth to Georgia and Arkansas from Nebraska a few times a year and that was the reason for the seat belt in the first place.  The Kurgo was just so bulky (and hot) when compared to the Ruff Rider Roadie I couldn’t believe the difference.

The Kurgo also liked to turn so that the yoke was not on her chest but around her side on the rib cage.  After this latest trip, I had had enough and went back to researching for a harness that would work and be comfortable.  That is when I found your product.

I sent in a question about sizing and was asked to call you and talk about it.  Not only did that impress me, the information you shared was perfect.  I ordered the harness for Katie and when we got it I followed the instructions on the shipping leaflet; she didn’t fight me putting it on and she acted like it was nothing at all.  I know you asked that I call once I got the harness and you would walk me through it, but honestly, with the pictures and the videos, I felt confident to do it on my own.

I want to thank you once again for taking the time out of your busy day to answer my questions and to help me get the correct product for our “fur kid”.  I share this experience with anyone who asks about her harness.   It’s a no-brainer….it’s perfect.

Kindest regards,

Terry and Miss Katie

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