Roadie Canine Travel Harness – Size 2.5 SM

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Size 2.5 – SM2 fits dogs with a rib cage measurement between 21 -25 inches and a weight between 21 – 35 lbs.

Roadie Canine Vehicle Safety Harness allows your dog to sit, stand, or lie down safely while tethered to the vehicle seat belt system and remain safe in the vehicle during an accident or sudden stop.

The short, yellow walking leash on the back of the Roadie has two openings. Simply pass the vehicle seat belt through one of the openings and clip the vehicle seat belt buckles together. The opening on the leash closer to the dog will limit the amount of movement your pet is allowed. Pick the one that works best for you and your pet.

The Roadie can also be used with the child safety seat anchor also called an ISO-Latch or ISOFIX or in the cargo area with seat-mounting brackets or floor mounted tie-downs if it is securely attached with a locking carabineer, 22kn or greater.

  • Safety – any stress will be placed on your dog’s chest instead of its delicate neck
  • Comfort – the tether/leash is adjustable and still allows for some movement
  • Strength – webbing exceeds S.A.E. standards for human seatbelts
  • Convenience – easy to use, can be left on all day, in and out of the car